Free, No Obligation Evaluation.

No Strings, No Gimmicks, No Sales Pitch, No BS - Guaranteed!

I believe a critical building block of providing service is to start off on the right foot by being completely upfront and true to your word. I have no sales pitch and I am not trying to get your email address so I can solicit you for business. These sort of tactics irritate me to no end when someone attempts it with me so I absolutely promise I will not do it to you.

I know there are many home owners who are genuinely thinking of selling and would like to know it's value in today's market but hesitate contacting an agent because they don't want follow up calls or emails. They just want a professional price estimate and then be left alone to consider and decide.

Knowing the real and achievable market value of your property is the single most important piece of information you can have before deciding if you want to sell. Regardless of the reason for selling, every dollar is your money and it will have a direct impact everything else in the process.

Here is how I provide my service:
1. You arrange for an evaluation of your property with me by either:
    - Filling out the Home Valuation form on this page.
    - Call or text 709-685-5225
    - Email
2. Have the evaluation presented, at your convenience, either in person, by phone or email. I can provide reports typically within 24 - 36 hours. 
3. Get answers to any questions you may have and then I go away never to be heard from.
4. You will never be contacted again unless you ask me to.